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Client Center

Client Center – Developed for you!

It is here that we will have copies of all of our discharge instructions, some helpful information sheets and whatever else we think you might need!

We are always available in person, on the phone or by email as well!!

General Tips

dental tips – here are some tips to  keeping your pets mouth healthy and how to get started on home dental care How to Brush Teeth and a video on brushing  https://youtu.be/IIuxm9FEUZ8

How to clean and medicate your pets ears – http://www.vetoquinol.ca/en/index.asp?page=334

Litter Box Tips – how to maintain good litterbox habits.

Deworming – advice on prevention of internal parasites.

Foxtails – Kamloops is home to these, good information on what they are and what to watch for…

How_to_Choose_a_Trainer_(AVSAB) – Information from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour on what to look for in a trainer.

I Think My Pet is Sick…..

When to Call a Vet

My Cat Won’t Eat

My Dog Or Cat Can’t Urinate

My Pet is Vomiting Blood


My Pet is Scheduled for Surgery…this section is most of the information you need!

Post Surgery -how to keep your pet comfortable, safe and busy during their recovery.

anesthesia prep – instructions for your pet the night before and morning of  their surgical procedure.

pre-an bloods – Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork: What it is and why we do it.

Components of Safe Anesthesia – our anesthetic protocols, to help ease your worries.


Discharge Instructions for Common Procedures:

Dog Spay

Dog Neuter

Cat Spay

Cat Neuter

Sedation Discharge

Bandage Care